Simon Cafferty


Hello, I’m Simon Cafferty, i’m 25 and i’m a second year sports journalism student at the University of Central Lancashire.

I got into MMA the long way. I saw a Mixed Martial Arts programme in 2006 when ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ season 3 was being shown on Bravo, in the UK. I watched as Tito Ortiz annoyed the hell out of Ken Shamrock and Kendall Grove and Michael Bisping go onto win the contracts.

I felt connected with Bisping as he is from Clitheroe and that’s only 20 minutes from where I live. However I didn’t continue to watch but the seed was planted. It only took another three years for it too come to life.

UFC 107 in November 2009 was when I watched my first full UFC card at my friends house. He had started to watch UFC earlier than me and suggested I come to his house and watch.


After seeing Stefan Struve attempt a superman punch(and fail) and seeing BJ Penn dominate Diego Sanchez, I was hooked.

Ever since I have watched every single UFC event and loved reading the stories, interviews and watching the documentaries. I have also trained a little bit of MMA at Tempest in Lancashire. I did around five months of Sanshou and MMA and would love to start up again soon.

MMA has taken over my life and I love every single bit about it.

Fast forward to June 2012 and I decided it was time to change my life and head to university. My choice was Sports Journalism and my aim to work in the Mixed Martial Arts industry.

I started my own blog and decided to move to a website. I am looking to raise the profile of local MMA and hopefully you will enjoy the interviews and previews/reviews I do for shows.


Message from Mike Goldberg when asking for his advice on Journalism:



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