Welcome to Split Decision MMA UK.  facebook profile pic

We are based in the North-West of England and have a huge passion for MMA both professional and amateur. This website was set up towards the end of January 2013 with the aim of helping to promote awareness of this great sport. We want to help give every fighter, coach, promoter, ring girl and gym all they credit they deserve, especially the local fighters as they deserve just as much recognition for their efforts as the top pro’s on the world stage.

On the site you will find everything from gym reviews, fighter interviews/articles, event previews, event reviews to ring girl features. We also sometimes give our opinion on the events going on in MMA.

Everything from local shows all the way up to the UFC we have a great passion to write about and hope that you enjoy everything you read on the site. We hope we can help boost the sport just a little a bit and if we succeed, then we are happy.

We hope to see you at a show one day and are always happy to talk MMA, or help out if we can.

The sport is on the rise and we are proud to be a part of the MMA community.

If you would like to know more about the Split Decision team, we are:

Simon Cafferty:   http://splitdecisionmmauk.com/simoncafferty/

David Gillibrand: http://splitdecisionmmauk.com/david-gillibrand/

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