Ryan Kay: “Its always great to be fighting on the same bill as top fighters”

Credit: Ryan Kay

Credit: Ryan Kay

This weekend Animalistic MMA presents Rise of the Alpha and competing on the pro section of the night is Ryan Kay. 

Ryan has experience in boxing, where he has championship experience, and has thrown himself into MMA and is looking to keep fighting regularly to keep on improving. 

After a match up on ICE FC 6 last weekend, he is ready for the challenge this weekend and I caught up with him to get his thoughts and learn more about his development.

Thanks for your time Ryan. I wanted to start by looking ahead to Animalistic MMA, where you are on the pro section of the night. Firstly how much do you know about Animalistic and looking forward to competing on their inaugural show?

“From what I’ve seen of the line up it seems like another top show to fight on, so its always great to be fighting on the same bill as top fighters”.

How much do you know about your opponent on the night and what makes this an exciting match up for you?

“Hes very tall I know that, which should be interesting as everyone I’ve fought in MMA to date have been more of the short stocky type, so should be interesting to see how I deal with that”. 

Anything can happen on the night in MMA, but where do you feel you will have the edge over your opponent?

“As you say anything can happen in a fight but I am very confident in my boxing and I believe my grappling is sufficient to scramble out of dangerous positions and create some attacks of my own”. 

Obviously both you and him will have improved since you last competed. Does this make it easier preparing for a match up as you know he wont know what to expect from you?

“I’m not convinced in the pros, its a clever idea to rely on the element of surprise as most fighters are well rounded and can adapt”.

Looking back on your 2015 so far, how much do you feel you have improved?

“I feel like I’m settling in a little more and relaxing into it which is hard to do given that I’ve decided to throw my self into the deep end and not take the easiest of paths with taking fights”.

One part which people don’t see is all the hard work you put in the gym on a daily basis. What’s an average week like for you training?

“I do a lot of kettle-bell training and road work most days and being from a great boxing city like Liverpool there’s so many high level boxing gyms to train, so get down the them as often as possible also”.

Another part is the balance between improving in the gym and working as well. What motivates you to keep hitting the gym and looking to improve?

“I don’t rely on any motivation when it comes to training. I feel like I’m past that with training in general as I’ve done it for this long from when I entered a boxing gym to shift the baby fat when I was 13 I’ve never stopped training and don’t know what to do with myself if I’m not, but I do think its always a good idea to mix what you do up and keep the love and positivity for the sport”.

Who have been some of the bigger influences on your development?

“Paddy Durkin from the dog pit MMA in Ainsdale, Southport, has been a giant influence in my development as a fighter, from the toughness and mentality of digging deep in the gym, to the trialed and tested techniques throughout his high level experienced career at all disciplines, definitely a gym that’s worth traveling for where all levels are brought on and rapidly improved but only for those who are prepared to dig deep so not for the faint hearted”.

I see that you competed in February on the ICE show against James Lewis. how was it to compete against James and what did you take from that match up?

“Yeah its always good to fight at high level but when your taking fights with anyone sometimes your going to fall short and he picked up on a weakness that I never knew was an issue myself and beat me in the first. I fought on ICE FC, last Friday, as well against Kenneth Richardson didn’t go my way again unfortunately but I feel I got a lot more from last nights fight and I’m now starving for a win and feel I really do need this win on Saturday to get back on track”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“Just the people who are always the first to help out with no gain to them except helping me improve and the promoters for keeping the fights rolling in and obviously a massive thanks to my family and girlfriend who are always there for me know matter what the result”.




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