Adam Grierson: “Training’s the hard part, performing on the night is the fun part”

Credit: Adam Grierson

Credit: Adam Grierson

Animalistic MMA presents Rise of the Alpha this weekend at the guild hall in Preston and competing on the night is Adam Grierson.

Adam trains with a talented team at Hokushinko Fight Academy and is looking forward to showcasing what he has learnt with his team mates and coaches in the build up to this fight.

With the event just two days away, Adam kindly took some time out to answer my questions.

Thanks for your time Adam, I wanted to start by looking ahead to the Animalistic show, which are hosting their first event. How much are you looking forward to competing on their first show?

“I’m really happy to have this opportunity to compete on this show. It will be a great way to show off mine and my gym’s talent to many people and show people what we are really about.

The guild hall is an impressive venue in Preston, so should provide a great atmosphere. Are you hoping to have a few people watching you compete and what does that support mean to you?

“The venue for this show looks fantastic and will be the biggest venue I’ve competed in so far. The people who are coming to watch me compete are mainly from my gym, which means a lot because their not only my team mates, but also my best friends. They help me accomplish anything and will be amazing support for this fight”. 

Obviously when your in there its just you and your opponent. How do you switch off all the exterior noise when you’re in there and focus just on your opponent?

“If your only focus is to perform well and win the fight, your mind blocks out anything else. You only hear what you need to hear; your corner. You use the support from fans only when you need it which can motivate you to keep on pushing and win the fight”.

Speaking of your opponent on the night, have you had chance to look into him and what are you expecting on the night?

“We didn’t really look into my opponent too much but, we knew his main form of martial art was Muay Thai and that our style is much more complex than his. Our style of fighting is defiantly going to exploit and take advantage of his weaknesses on the night”.

Obviously you wont want to give too much away, but what makes you confident going into this match up?

“I’m confident going into this fight because I put the work in day in day out training with talented training partners. Training’s the hard part, performing on the night is the fun part”.

Looking back on your time competing so far, how much has that experience helped you as a competitor?

“My experience in the past helps me because my opponent won’t have anything that I haven’t seen before. My past experience also helps me because it shows how far I’ve come, how much I have developed as a fighter and as a person. This gives me confidence for this fight”.

One thing people wont see is the hardwork you put in daily at the gym. What is it about your team that makes it such a good place to train?

“My gym is such a good place to train because it has many talented fighters to train with and great coaches. These training partners and coaches do a range of different martial arts which helps us not just have one martial art, but have them all. This makes us the talented intricate fighters we are”.

Who have been some of the bigger influences at the gym on your development so far?

“Everyone helps each other at our gym, so I have to thank my development as a fighter to everyone at Hokushinko Fight Academy”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“I would like to give a shout out to Mark Hodgson, Dave Straughton, Jordan Holmes, Daniel Grierson and everyone else at Hokushinko Fight Academy. They are all true radicals, I’m a radical. I would also like to thank Justgrind for sponsoring me for this fight and providing me with an awesome walk out t-shirt”.



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