Liam Gittins: “I’m sure it will be a good match up”

Credit: Liam Gittins

Credit: Liam Gittins

This weekend Animalistic MMA presents Rise of the Alpha, live from the Guild Hall in Preston, and competing on the card is Liam Gittins. 

Liam comes from a well established team and is looking forward to getting himself into the cage and showing what he can do on the night. 

With each fight comes more improvement and it will be great to see just how much Liam is coming along this weekend and I caught up with him to get his thoughts. 

Thanks for your time Liam. I wanted to start by looking ahead to Animalistic MMA. Firstly how much do you know about Animalistic and looking forward to competing on their inaugural show?

“I don’t know a great deal about animalistic but I am looking forward to competing on their show and hopefully being on their future shows”.

How much do you know about your opponent on the night and what makes this an exciting match up for you?

“I know my opponent has had one fight one loss and I know that he would of improved a lot since then so I am interested to see what type of fighter he will be, I’m sure it will be a good match up”

Anything can happen on the night in MMA, but where do you feel you will have the edge over your opponent?

“I feel I have an edge over my opponent in my stand up coming from a gym with good striking so hopefully that will give me an edge over the fight”.

Obviously both you and him will have improved since you last competed. Does this make it easier preparing for a match up as you know he wont know what to expect from you?

“Yeah I’m sure that him not knowing what to expect from me is good because he will have to go off what I am like on the night”.

Looking back on your 2015 so far, how much do you feel you have improved?

“I feel that I am improving all the time”.

One part which people don’t see is all the hardwork you put in the gym on a daily basis. What’s an average week like for you training?

“An average week for me is going to the gym Monday – Friday and putting in the hard work for three hours. Some days I will train in the mornings too”.

Another part is the balance between improving in the gym and working as well. What motivates you to keep hitting the gym and looking to improve?

“The motivation for me is seeing the improvement of myself but also others around me who are training for their own reasons whether it be to compete or for fitness. I see us all as a big family and we work together to meet our goals”.

Who have been some of the bigger influences on your development?

“My bigger influences would be the training and sparring partners who compete and I have seen get results from after all the hard work and also from the people who come the gym, put in the dedication and greatly improve their health and fitness”.

And finally, is there anybody you would like to thank/give a shout out to?

“When thinking of people to thank there are loads because of the amount of support my family, friends, coach and training partners actually invest in me so I can be the best I can be”.



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